VAZ 2105 – 1.5.3


Game version: City Car Driving 1.5.3

VAZ 2105 car mod for game version 1.5.3

City car driving is fun and engaging driving game for the person who loves racing and driving. There are many features where you can jump directly to select a series of sports cars and you can drive through the 3D city. The city will be packed with the skyscrapers, immense of buildings with great environment and different roads, streets which will be fun to drive through. At first you can only choose the two set of cars later you can unlock other model city car driving mods once you start completing the laps. Smart traffic which stimulates the accurate traffic in current, unpredictable pedestrians and sudden dangerous situations in the game will excites you to play with the experience of day time, morning fog and mist effect and snow which will make you to drive under unfavourable condition.

The key features benefits are practical driving skills in the city and aerodrome training in it, mechanical and automatic gearboxes work with a real analogues method. You can select the nine standard cars for training in the aerodrome and also training counter accident driving in the aerodrome, you will be driving under the realistic traffic rules, park or leave parking lots under control like realistic situation.

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